can trace its roots long years ago, when a young internet enthusiast was working into banks. There he learned how critical his the privacy for customers, especially foreign. Fired for the high cost he founded a company that offer internet services. After It, he realized the difficult to find customers and how strong is the market competition on this kind of services.

For those reason he changed direction; merging the privacy features of banks, the experience on hosting and servers and the passion for the offshore jurisdiction law. Few years later he released his first private infrastructure to host sites with high privacy.

Later, the passion for web hosting grew and one became many. We studied further into the server security-related matters and more privacy solutions to improve services. In 2011, the local onshore company was closed and best-privacy was born as full offshore company. We believe we are different, discover why:

15 Years of experience on privacy and information technology services.. at your service!
15 Years experience
15 Year Exp.

You can purchase any solution from us by using BitCoin simply and easily. Our system is fully automated, and your invoice will be marked as paid after three confirmations. The exchange rate for BitCoin is calculated in real-time.

Bitcoin accepted
We love Bitcoin

We run hosting plans on high-speed professional servers. You will benefit from the latest version of our utilities. All service come with 99.9% uptime and a 15-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We allow most of our staff to work exclusively from their homes. We do this because this way we use less energy in office buildings and we keep cars off the road, minimizing our carbon footprint.

Green Datacenter
Work to Save Nature

We are a freedom of speech hosting provider. Our mission is to provide everyone in the world an equal opportunity to publish their words freely without being harassed or censored. The services we offer are specifically designed for people who are concerned about security and privacy.

anonymous and privacy
Speech Free

We have clients from over 100 different countries around the world

100 Country
100+ country

We don't need to know much about you to be able to provide you a service, just an email. We never reveal any information, including domestic or foreign governments, simply because we don't have the informations.

top secret
We keep secret

We only deliver fast connection to America and Europe. You can connect from us within 29ms to all world.  If you need to be fast into a preferred area, just let us know and we deliver service from a specific place.

Tier 1 connectivity
Fast connectivity

Welcome - Bienvenue - Bienvenidos - Benvenuto !!!  We provide multilanguage support: you can contact us  into english, french, spanish or italian.

languages support
Multilanguage Support

… enough to start your next offshore business ???